Friday, June 20, 2008

Moira's Little Knotted Bag

Here's the pattern for a bag I made for my friend Moira for her birthday:

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky(2 skeins Periwinkle) or 180-250 yards bulky weight yarn

Needles: Size 13 (9 mm) straight or circular needles

Gauge: 2.75 sts + 4 rows = 1" in stst

Finished Dimensions(after felting): 5.5" tall, 9" wide, 3.5" deep

Spaced Knots Pattern (from 365 Knitting Stitches a Year):
R1-4: Work in stst
R5: K5, *(k1,p1) twice into next st, k5; rep from* to end.
R6: P5, *sl3, k1, pass 3 sl sts separately over last st (knot completed), p5; rep from* to end.
R7-10: Work in stst
R11: K2, *(k1, p1) twice into next st, k5; rep from* to last 3 sts, (k1, p1) twice into next st, k2.
R12: P2, *sl 3, k1, pass sl sts over as before, p5; rep from* to last 6 sts, sl 3, k1, pass sl sts over as before, p2.
Repeat these 12 rows.
Front & Back (make 2): CO 29 sts. Knit in Spaced Knots Patt for 2 patt repeats; k4 rows in stst and BO.

Sides & Base (1 piece): CO 11sts. Knit in garter st until 20," bind off. Pin to front and back and sew in place with the seams on the outside of the bag.

Straps (make 2): CO 6 sts. Knit in garter st until 13." Bind off and sew to bag as shown in picture. Weave in ends.

To felt, place bag in a pillowcase and knot closed. Wash with a pair of jeans for agitation, with woolwash or shampoo on the hot/cold cycle of your washing machine. Check periodically until the bag is the dimensions listed or desired size. Let dry with stuffing to keep the bag's shape.

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