Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Painted Socks

Here's the socks with the yarn I spun and dyed that I finished nearly a month ago. I like the way they turned out, expect that the colors are slightly different because I made every skein I dyed in a different color sequence and didn't alternate every few rounds. I didn't realize what a difference it would make... and although it makes them rather interesting, I think I would have liked them to be a little more alike. I also accidentally made the second sock's foot length a little smaller, and although I blocked them and tried to stretch them a little, it's still a little off (that's the left one in the picture, the ribbing is further up than the right one). Oh well, I still really like how they turned out; awfully cozy (alpaca/jacob blend), they were fun to make. I learned how to use the magic loop method with these socks and since then I've used it to make a pair of fingerless gloves and a hat that I'm working on.

Speaking of those fingerless gloves and hats... I've just started knitting for The Alpaca Shop in Friday Harbor (WA). So, a couple weeks ago, I met with the owner, Dax (he had "discovered" me because I had an article in the paper about my mitten pattern being published), and brought home 10 skeins of Dax Alpaca (baby alpaca!!) --that he has spun & naturally dyed in Peru-- to make 4 hats and 2 pairs of fingerless gloves by the time he opens in May. Then I'll consign my knitted things to the shop and get profit from the hats and gloves and sell. I'm so excited!


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