Friday, March 28, 2008

Stash Mittens

Here's my mitten pattern that was published in the 2008 Knitting Pattern a day calender(appearing on July 16). It's on Ravelry so I thought I'd add it here so it would be free :)

Yarn: 1 skein of MC worsted weight, small amounts of worsted weight yarn in several different colors

Needles: US size 6, dpns

Gauge: 6 sts and 7.5 rows=1" in st st

Size: Women's small


Cast on 36 sts, divide between 3 dpns (12 sts on each). Join in the round and knit garter st (k1 rnd, p1 rnd) for 2-1/2," ending in a knit round. Here the stripes begin, each are 3 rounds, in any pattern, continue for the rest of the pattern. Switch colors and knit for 3 rounds.
Thumb increases

Rnd1: m1, knit around, m1 (both m1s made between same stitches)
On all even rounds, 2 through 16: knit around
Rnd3: k1, m1, k until 1 st is remaining, m1, k1
Rnd 5: k2, m1, k until 2 sts are left, m1, k2

Continue these odd rounds, with one more stitch left on each end between m1s each round until there are 17 total rounds. Place thumb sts on stitch holder.

Rejoin round and knit even for 1-3/4."


R1: (k7, k2tog) to end-32 sts
All even rounds, k around
R3: (k6, k2tog) to end-28 sts
R5: (k5, k2tog) to end-24 sts
R7: (k4, k2tog) to end-20 sts
R9: (k3, k2tog) to end-16 sts
R11: (k2, k2tog) to end-12 sts

Knit last round even and then cut yarn, leaving 4" end and draw through sts. Pull tight. Turn mitten inside out to weave in ends.


Place sts on dpns from marker. Cast on1 st at the beginning and end of the round, twisting the sts to prevent a hole. K around until thumb measures 1-1/2" from 1st round.

Next round: (k2, k2tog) to last st, k.
Knit next round
Next round: (k2tog) around to last st, k.
Cut yarn, leaving 4" end and draw through sts.
Weave in remaining ends.

Using main color, make cross stitches around edges of mitten.

Knit second mitten the same as the first.


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