Sunday, February 24, 2008

Exciting Fiber News

Here's a scarf I finished last week--made with Crystal Palace Yarn's Taos in a color I don't remember. I used 2 x 2 ribbing and everything would be perfect if only the two skeins had matched... the labels did say they were the same dye lot, and maybe they were, but the second skein had all the colors matched with different ones, so that's why a third of it has slightly different shades. But it makes it interesting I guess, and it is nice and warm (I'm wearing it right now).

Here's Exciting Fiber News #2, a felted bag I finished about a half an hour ago. I used a felting kit I bought at the Madrona Fiber retreat a little over a week ago, and made a piece of felt that I then cut out and sewed together, adding lining. The top and handles are stitched with embroidery floss in blanket stitch. Smaller than I wanted it to be... but isn't it adorable?!

.... And here's the last exciting news: my brand new Little Gem!! I bought her used from NW Handspun yarns in Bellingham on Wednesday, and my new wheel named Emma Jane, joins a little antique saxony, Summer. Although I'm keeping my antique wheel... I probably won't be using her much. The Little Gem is so much better... I can actually spin without the drive band coming off every two minutes!! And... she's so portable, with her own little carrying case, that I can't wait to bring her somewhere. Unlike my antique, which gets beat up every time. Yay! So far I've spun and plied some 50/50 Jacob/Alpaca blend that I got for a door prize at Madrona (more exciting news!), and it's quite nice. I'm going to spin and dye four different colors, two shades of blue and two of green, and knit either socks or fingerless gloves; I'm using the intarsia in the round technique I learned in my Art Socks class from Sue Ewens. It was so much fun and I'll get to try it out!


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