Monday, February 11, 2008

Dyeing with Madrona...

On Saturday I dyed with some Madrona I collected in October for my Level 1 Master Spinner's requirements. I ended up soaking the bark for a week before I dyed and the yarn for two days because I kept having to postpone my dyeing because I realized I had to do this or get that... but finally I got around to it and here are my results:

Here's the yarn for my class, it's a Shetland worsted weight that was kind of a creamy heather before it was dyed. From left to right I used no mordant, iron, alum, and alum & iron. I think I may have used too much iron... (1/4 tea.), but maybe its supposed to have turned gray, I don't know.

Here's some yarn I dyed from my stash, just because I wanted to dye something else. The top one I spun woolen on my little antique saxony with no mordant, and the bottom is some commercial alpaca from a local alpaca farm my cousin gave me a while ago(alum & iron). I was SO disappointed that it ended up gray instead of the dark brown that I expected... but I guess the gray is nice on its own.


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